Schauen wir uns ein typisches geschäftliches Telefongespräch an, das mehrere sehr wichtige Ausdrücke enthält:

Berlin: <Hello, Simmons’ Fruit Farm >
Nina: <Good morning, this is Nina from Draft, Mancheim >
B: <Good morning, how can I help you, Nina > (Theoretisch müssten sie dir so antworten!)
Nina: < I’d like to speak to the person in charge of (ist verantwortlich) accounts, please. >
B: < Certainly, hold on (warten sie) a minute, I’ll just put you through. >
(to put + Thema + trough: Ich verbinde mich per Telefon)

Langweilige Musik

Während des Wartens muss man oft lästige Musik hören.

B: < Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m afraid, Mr. Jones isn’t in his office* at the moment, but if you leave your number I will ask him to call you back. >
N: < That would be great, thanks… It’s Nina Barer from Draft (Germany) and the number is 0048 for Germany then 082465. >
B: < Ok, I’ll make sure he gets that, as soon as possible. >
N: < Thanks a lot, bye. >
B: < Bye. >