every – jede, jeden, jeder
everything – alles
everybody – jede
nothing – nichts, nix
something – etwas
somebody – jemand

1: If every go to the cinema, I will stay at home.

If everybody is going to the cinema, I will stay at home.
2. You have something on your eye.
You have something in yozr eye.
3. I want to buy something for you.

4. Somebody ate my ice cream.

5. Nobody want no come with me.

Nobody wants to come with me
6. I don’t have, what to do.
I have nothing to hide.
7. I would give you all, but I have nothing.
I would give you everything, but I have nothing
8. I hope every day, that you will arrive.
Every day, I hope you arrive
9. Every time, when I go there, I come back tired.
Every time I go there I come back tired
10. Every time, when I go out, she call me.
Every time I go out she calls me
11. Everything. that I do, I do for you.
Everything I do, I do for you
12. Every need of somebody, who to love.
Everybody needs somebody to love
13 Nobody understood me.
Nobody understands me
14. I need to somebody.
I need somebody
15. If you eat something, you will fell better
If you eat something, you’ll feel better.